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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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the Shawanese

, enetered into articles of agreement
with Wm. Penn, by which, on certain conditions
of peaceable and friendly behaviour, they were
permitted to settle about the head of Potomac,
in Pennsylvania. The Conestoga chiefs, also,
in 1701, ratified the grant of the Susquehanna
Indians made the preceding year of 1700. Wm.
obtained from the Sachems of the country
a confirmation of grants made by former Indians
of the lands from Duck Creek to the mountains,
and from the Delaware to the Susquehanna; in this
deed the Sachems declared that they had seen
and heard read divers prior deeds which had
been given to Wm. Penn by former chiefs.

In the year 1672, Gov. Lovelace

, of New
, by proclamation, ordered that four white
grains or beads, and three black ones shall pass
for a penny or stiver; this proclamation was
published at Albany, Esopus, Delaware, Long
, and at the ports adjacent; and that
wampum was a passing medium of the country
at that time.

A treaty was entered into at the mouth of
the Great Miami, between the United States and
the Shawanese Nation

, in the year 1786, by
which the United States do allot them lands
with their territory to live and hunt upon. Be-
ginning at the south line of the lands allotted
to the Wyandots and Delawares, at the place
where the main of the Great Miami and of the