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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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led us the whole distance along the Mohawk

The Bottoms along this river are called the
German Flats

, and are very rich and handsome.
They were settled many years ago by the Germans.
We stopped to view the Falls in the river, where
the navigation is made easy by locks; a very
romantic place, there being limestone rock of
enormous size, both in the water and upon the
hills. In proceeding along the bottoms of this
river there are many marks which indicate that
at some period of time there was a vast body of
water covering these Flats. The Flats are gen-
erally from half a mile to a mile in width; their
margins are a continuation of hills on each side,
which are from two to three hundred feet in
height; the surface of the hills show stones of
great size, which are washed into all shapes;
added to this, the hills discover evident appear-
ances of those indentures common to river shores.


Again prosecuted our journey, passing
along the Mohawk river to the town of Schen-

, where we crossed the river, and in the
evening reached the town of Albany upon the
North river, making a distance of forty eight
miles. I cannot but observe here, that in pro-
ceeding along the Mohawk river to-day, we came
to the end of those high chains of hills mention-
ed yesterday, where the country made quite a
level appearance; so that we were puzzled to
conjecture what became of the earth which had