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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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in their ears, and round their necks, strung upon
strings, several descriptions of Lake shells. Here
we met with Saccarissa

, a principal chief of the
Tuscarora tribe. He has come for the purpose
of being assisted by the agent in vesting fifteen
thousand dollars in the purchase of land from the
Holland Land Company. They have greatly de-
clined hunting, and are becoming agriculturists.
The Tuscarora Indians removed from North Caro-
many years ago, and were received into the
then Five Nations, or Iroquois Indians, who gave
them a small tract of country, which they now
think wants enlarging. It is a fact, that the
Six Nations have stock in the Bank of the
United States to the amount of more than one
hundred thousand dollars, from which they draw
regular dividends. This is money which they
received some years ago from our Government
for the sale of their lands.

The Chiefs and principal people took the advice
of General Washington

, in making bank stock of
their money.


This morning we set out from Buffalo

in a farm wagon drawn by two horses, and tra-
velled 32 miles through a rough and inferior


Proceeded 23 miles and reached Bata-

, a new town, handsomely situated. We have
had a muddy, disagreeable road, through a coun-
try too flat to be desirable. The land is pretty
rich, and very heavily timbered. We have been