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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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titled to the civilities and attention of all good
men. You will please to afford them every aid,
and should they wish to cross the lake from De-

to Niagara, and a public vessel being about
to sail for that place, accommodations should be
afforded them free of expense, and letters of in-
troduction given them to Major Porter.

I am respectfully
Your humble servant, H. DEARBORN..
To the Commanding Officer at Detroit, and Charles
, Esq., Indian Agent.

Charles Jewett

received us with great civility,
and has invited us to dine with him to-morrow,
to which we have consented.

4th month 27th.

This morning Charles

again called upon us, and at his request
we accompanied him to the garrison, and
were introduced to the commanding officer,
Major Pike, who appears to be a genteel and
clever old man. He informed us that a public
vessel would sail for Niagara, about the first of
the ensuing month, and recommended us very
strongly to take passage in her, in preference to
any other vessel, she being in good order, and
under the management of mariners well ac-
quainted with the lake. This vessel is under his

Agreeably to engagement, we dined to-day with
Charles Jewett

. The revenue officer for the port
of Detroit, Captian Ernest, also dined with us.