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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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red, and had silver bandages about its wrists,
and ornaments of the same metal in its ears.
The Indians are very fond of their children, and
put about them very costly silver ornaments.

I have seen Indian children dressed in a calico
frock which was stuck with silver broaches from
neck to heel, besides ornaments on the wrists,
in the ear, and about the neck and head.

4th month 16th.

Proceeded very pleasantly
down the river about fifty miles, and at night
encamped under our tent. In the evening a
severe thunder gust came on, with heavy rain,
which continued for several hours after night,
but having a good tent we did not get much
wetted. In the course of the day we saw wild
fowl in abundance, also passed by several Indian
hunting and sugar camps. Our Corporal is very
fond of saluting the camps with an imitation of
an Indian whoop, which they are sure to answer
by a similar not. This whoop very nearly re-
sembles the shrill yelp of a dog. The land ap-
pears to be of an excellent quality, and deer and
turkies are very numerous. Here also
The prowling wolf howls hideous all night long,
And owls vociferate the dread response.


Proceeded about thirty-five miles, and at
night encamped under our tent. We have been
entertained to-day with a diversified scene. The
river covered with wild fowl, fish jumping up
around us, and turkies flying.