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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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and informed that many of their people were
disposed to turn heir attention to the cultiva-
tion of the earth. They also expressed a desire
to be assisted by their Brothers of Baltimore


Brothers: Having been encouraged by the
opportunity which we then had, we sent to the
care of the Agent for Indian Affairs some ploughs,
harness for horses, axes, hoes, and other imple-
ments of husbandry, which were made for the
use of our Red Brethren, and desired that they
might be distributed amongst them as tokens of
our friendship.

Brothers: We received last fall, through
the hands of the Agent for Indian Affairs, a
talk from the Little Turtle

, the Five Medals,
and others, informing us that they had received
the implements of husbandry, and requested
that their Brothers of Baltimore would send
some of their people into the country of their
Red Brethren for the purpose of seing their
situation, and showing them how to make use of
the tools, saying they did not know how to

Brothers: It is for these purposes that we
have now come; and we again repeat, that we
rejoice we have the opportunity of seeing you,
and of taking you by the hand.

Brothers: In coming into the country of our
Red Brethren, we have come with our eyes open.
And although we are affected with sorrow, in
believing that many of the Red Brethren suffer