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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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were too far from home to be convened in so
short a time.

Here a short conversation took place between
the chiefs, and afterwards they proposed seven
day's hence as the time; desiring that to-morrow
might not be counted, as it would take them a
day to return home. To this we consented.

The Five Medals

then expressed as follows:

Brothers, it would have been very desirable
to us if you could have met us at the time of our
counsel. We have very often told our people
of the Quakers. They listen to us, but are at a
loss to know what sort of people the Quakers
are. If you could stay, brothers, they would
have an opportunity of seeing the Quakers, and
of hearing words from your own mouths.

After this the Little Turtle


Brothers: We hope the words that you
may say to us at the time we have appointed to
meet will be upon paper. From that paper we
can at some future time have your words de-
livered to our people. This, brothers, will in some
measure answer the end.

During a pause which occupied several
minutes we asked them if we understood each
other. The Turtle

replied, Yes, perfectly; we
have nothing further to do now than to look for-
ward to the day appointed.

After this we took each other by the hand
and very cordially bade farewell. We then re-
turned to our lodgings.