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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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different in appearance from any we had seen.
Our landlord informed us they were parrots, and
that they were common upon the Great Miami;
and to gratify our curiosity he shot one. It was
about the size of a dove, and its plumage resem-
bled the green parrot of South America, the
head red, and the wings tipped with the same
color, the tail long and the bill and tongue of
the same description as the chattering parrot.
As they alighted from the trees, they made a
hoarse noise resembling the chattering of the
common parrot.

There is also a woodcock here resembling the
red headed woodcock of Maryland

, except that
its head is black and its bill ivory.

At this place General Wayne

erected a
fortification when on his march against the In-
dians, a part of which is now standing. Our
landlord occupies one of the houses which was
at that time built and enclosed within the stock-
ade. From the late period in the day at which
our supply of corn arrived for the horses, we
have concluded to remain at our quarters; the
landlord tells us we shall be welcome to sleep
upon his floor, and has promised to make us a
good fire to sleep by.

This is a kind of lodgment to which we have
become well accustomed, having heretofore in
our journey often had to wrap ourselves in our
blankets and to lie upon floors, always observing
the necessary precaution of laying our feet to the
fire; we have in no instance taken cold.