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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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several days past have seen vast numbers of


Travelled fifteen miles and arrived at
the town of Chilicothe

, where we were well en-
tertained at Tiffin's tavern. The governor of
the State of Ohio resides here, who having
heard of our arrival, paid us a visit in the even-
ing and supped with us. We were pleased with
his friendly affability. In the course of this
day's short ride, our road led through a continua-
tion of the finest lands.

It is remarkable that there are uniformly
three gradations of elevation, from the banks of
the Scioto river. The first is a bottom of about
one mile in extent, very level and covered with
black walnut, buck eye, blue ash, honey locust,
and sugar trees. Then upon another elevation
of about fifteen feet, a second bottom, which ex-
tends from one to two miles, covered with the
same descriptions of timber, though heavier, and
the trees standing nearer together. Then an-
other elevation about the same height, which ex-
tends for many miles, being a little inclined to
hills; the timber composed of a great variety.
People are settling fast upon this tract, and
several mills are already erected upon a creek
belonging to the Scioto, which we crossed, called
the Killakanik.

On our way we turned aside from our road
to view an ancient fortification. This fortifica-