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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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one hundred acres of land under good fence, at
the Little Turtle’s Town

(eighteen miles north
of Dennis’s station), by the first of the Sixth
Month; where they had also obtained a large
number of hogs, and some cows; and he doubts
not, but that the Indians will soon see, that it is
easier to raise food, than to procure it by hunt-
ing; and adds, Friends may see, from the great
progress they have made in civilization, since
Philip Dennis was with them, that they only
want good and suitable men to reside amongst
them, and teach them how to work.

Notwithstanding there are several other na-
tons, who appear desirous of the assistance and
care of Friends; yet from the limited state of
our funds, we have heretofore been under the
necessity of confining our aid, principally, to
the Miami

, Eel-River, and Weas Indians.

It will be perceived, that during several years
of the first labours of the committee

, but little
progress was made. This may be attributed, in
a great measure, to the pernicious effects of
ardent spirits amongst them. As soon as the
introduction of this great evil into their country
was restrained, there was an immediate im-
provement discoverable; and an almost univer-
sal disposition seemed to pervade them, to aban-