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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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These chiefs appeared to be much rejoiced at
the assistance, Friends proposed to render them;
and, in reply to that part of our communication,
observed, That it was their anxious wish, to
engage in the culture of their lands; for although
the game was not so scarce, but that they could
get enough to eat; yet they were sensible it was
daily diminishing, and that the time was not far
distant, when they should be compelled to take
hold of such tools, as they saw in the hands
of the white people.

The committee

, on a weighty consideration of
the subject, being from their former experience
united in judgment, that no great progress could
be made in the civilization of the Indians, while
they were so abundantly supplied with distilled
spirits, concluded to address Congress on the
subject. Their memorial was favourably re-
ceived, and a law passed, which in some mea-
sure provided a remedy for the evil.

As it now appeared to the committee

, that the
principal obstruction to the introduction of agri-
culture amongst the Indians was removed, they
felt themselves encouraged to proceed in their
undertaking; and accordingly provided a con-
siderable number of implements of husbandry;
such as ploughs, hoes, axes &c. which were for-