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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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The Eel-River appears to be one of the streams
which run into the Wabash. It seems to rise
in the neighbourhood of Fort-Wayne


The Miami

nation, is no doubt connected with
the river, or rivers of that name. The place of
the Wyandots is given in the account. The Sha-
and Delawares are marked in one map
as occupying the neighborhood of the Ohio.
The Weas are mentioned in the account as con-
nested with Eel-River.


in a strait line seems not less than
350 miles from Baltimore; but probably a great
deal more by any practicable road.

Humanity may venture to rejoice at these at-
tempts. Though, as was observed in the former
account, not on a grand scale, they are attended
with considerable expence; and a labour, not
easily appreciated by the inhabitants of highly
cultivated and civilized countries. But, to adopt
a metaphor from the work, they are attempts
to cultivate the large, and inexhaustible field
of Christian benevolence: for no less is every
extension of brotherly kindness to our fellow-
men, which springs from Christian principles.